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After working for many years in executive and strategic positions in large national and multinational companies in Brazil and Latin America, the opportunity suddenly arrived to enter to the world of startups.

To be honest, at the beginning I didn't feel comfortable... I was used to structured companies, with a long history, with a strong brand behind them, where the products were practically selling by themselves. It was there where I had my little place, my comfort zone, an environment I knew very well.

Now, after more than 4 years in this new world of startups, I can say that the transition was super challenging, but full of learning and breaking paradigms. I experienced moments that I would never have imagined, that my eyes couldn't even believe (I could write a soap opera .... hahaha), I went through moments of tension and others that were very funny.

It has been a complete and constructive adventure so far that has helped me grow professionally and personally. And it was in this environment that I started to play with systems trying to solve configuration, integration and organization pains, that I discovered were common for many companies.

That's how the idea of becoming an entrepreneur came up, of having my own business to be able to simplify other companies business management. We are now walking this new path with great confidence and perseverance.

Let's do it!

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